Secrets of the Ra
The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
10 EPISODES • 2010
Season 2 of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers was released on October 26 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 1


1: The Legion
Oct 26, 2010
Letters in hand, our reluctant heroes discover the underground headquarters of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and the new adventure that awaits them...if they so choose.
2: Lessons
Oct 26, 2010
Training begins for our LXD recruits as they uncover the secrets of the Ra and hone their powers.
3: Rising
Oct 28, 2010
Out at sea, in the dead of night, evil rises for a search and destroy mission of The LXD.
4: Mark of the Ox
Nov 3, 2010
To fuel the Uprising, Organization X has mounted a recruiting mission of their own...but to join, one must first survive the ritual.
5: Tails of War
Nov 10, 2010
From the depths of the OX underworld, Karey calls upon some of his most deadly creatures to bait and kill off the LXD.
6: The Greater of Two Evils
Nov 17, 2010
The Dark Doctor and his army of Umbras square off with Karey and his OX.
7: Origins
Dec 1, 2010
From the ashes of tragedy comes the conviction of revenge. Every villain has a beginning.
8: Experiments
Dec 8, 2010
To build his army, the Dark Doctor must find the perfect specimen.
9: The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Part 1
Dec 15, 2010
The LXD sets out on a rescue mission in a remote town.
10: The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Part 2
Dec 15, 2010
The LXD rescue mission comes down to an epic showdown and heroes…and villains are revealed.
Season 3
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