Season 1
Tomorrow's Cantabile
16 EPISODES • 2014
Season 1 of Tomorrow's Cantabile was released on October 13 and consists of 16 episodes.


1: Lesson 1
Oct 13, 2014
Cha Yoo Jin's boredom with the way he is learning music leads to him working with the most unlikely person, Seol Nae Il.
2: Lesson 2
Oct 14, 2014
As Yoo Jin is starting to be more open about music he learns that an instructor who can change his life is joining the school.
3: Lesson 3
Oct 20, 2014
Cha Yoo Jin refuses to give up on his dream to conduct and is willing to prove himself worthy of doing just that.
4: Lesson 4
Oct 21, 2014
All of maestro Von Stresemann's test lead to Yoo Jin's opportunity to really prove himself as a conductor.
5: Lesson 5
Oct 27, 2014
After the unexpected outcome of the orchestral competition, things start to change a little for Yoo Jin and his star musicians.
6: Lesson 6
Oct 28, 2014
Nae Il is starting to feel Yoo Jin drift away from her and his performance at the Yoon Yi Music Festival only increases her fears.
7: Lesson 7
Nov 3, 2014
Yoo Jin is faced with a tough decision about what's right and what's best for his friends.
8: Lesson 8
Nov 4, 2014
Even when he tried to do what was best for them, Yoo Jin seems to be losing his friends.
9: Lesson 9
Nov 10, 2014
The news which of orchestra is being dissolved comes as a surprise and presents a new start for everyone.
10: Lesson 10
Nov 11, 2014
The formation of a new orchestra isn't going to be easy and they will need to be approved by the school board.
11: Lesson 11
Nov 17, 2014
The new orchestra needs to be a big hit and if it is, it will mark a new beginning for many of its members.
12: Lesson 12
Nov 18, 2014
With their first hurdle behind them the Rising Star Orchestra has to overcome their internal struggles.
13: Lesson 13
Nov 24, 2014
As Seol Nae Il continues to progress as a pianist she is forced to deal with her past.
14: Lesson 14
Nov 25, 2014
Now that Nae Il has faced her fears, it's time for Yoo Jin to face his problems.
15: Lesson 15
Dec 1, 2014
Nae Il makes the tough decision that it's more important for Yoo Jin to study aboard than to stay with her.
16: Lesson 16
Dec 2, 2014
Yoo Jin is conquering his fears so now the only thing holding he and Nae Il from being together is her winning the competition.
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