Season 1
Leap Year
10 EPISODES • 2011
After being laid-off from their corporate day jobs, Aaron, Bryn, Derek, Olivia and Jack compete to get their businesses off the ground when a mystery benefactor promises to invest $500,000 in one of their startups.


1: All Hands
Jun 6, 2011
Rumored layoffs overshadow Aaron's surprise birthday party. Jack tries to convince Aaron, his brother Derek and their friend Olivia (Daniela DiIorio), that getting laid off may not be as awful as it seems.
2: Released
Jun 13, 2011
Jack, Bryn, Olivia, Derek and Aaron face uncertainty about their future as CEO, Andy Corvell (guest star Craig Bierko) calls an all-hands meeting. With lay-offs looming, tensions rise and the group wonders, if they do get fired - what's next?
3: A Simple Contest
Jun 20, 2011
Newly laid-off, Jack, Aaron, Derek, Olivia and Bryn are recruited to participate in a mysterious business contest with a $500k prize. In the meantime, Jack tries desperately to convince popular novelist, Scarlett Lane to be his first client.
4: Used People Salesman
Jun 27, 2011
Jack's business relationship with his only client, novelist Scarlett Lane moves from professional to sexual. In the meantime, Olivia, struggling to find any client, hires Jack to help her market her only product -- herself.
5: Nothing Personal
Jul 4, 2011
Olivia tries to decide whether betraying her close friend, Aaron is worth a potential boost to her personal business.
6: That Kind of Day
Jul 11, 2011
The office server goes missing and Bryn faces a crisis of conscience and identity. Aaron, furious over Olivia's and Jack's betrayal, unleashes the full fury of a financial analyst.
7: Corporate Cupid
Jul 19, 2011
Derek (Wilson Cleveland) gets slapped with a lawsuit and seeks help from attorney Josie Lanning (guest star Julie Warner). Jack loses his only client and most of his friends. Also guest starring Teri Reeves.
8: Five Roads
Jul 25, 2018
Jack has a plan to win the contest and save his friends' businesses. The problem? No one trusts him, no one likes him, and "friends" has become a very loose term.
9: Kind of a Genius
Aug 1, 2011
Jack tries to win Scarlett back with some help from Guy Kawasaki.
10: Life in 3D
Aug 8, 2011
Lisa goes into labor while she, Aaron, Bryn and Derek visit programming genius, Sergei Lenov (guest star Mark Gantt) at his cabin in the woods. With hours left, the gang tries desperately to get the final pieces together to present their new plan to their mysterious investor.
Season 2
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