Season 1
Farmed and Dangerous
4 EPISODES • 2014
Farmed and Dangerous is a four-part webisode comedy series from Chipotle Mexican Grill. This series is a satire of "Big Ag" and "Big Food" practices, featuring the fictional megacorporation Animoil feeding cows petropellets, which are made from petroleum directly rather than indirectly, from the corn and soybean that require so much petroleum products to grow (nitrogen fertilizer is made from the nitrogen present in the air and hydrogen present in natural gas from fracking).


1: Oiling the Food Chain
Feb 17, 2014
The PetroPellet is born. Animoil's newly engineered product promises to increase food supply while decreasing dependence on foreign oil. But before the champagne is uncorked, an unfortunate viral video sends Animoil and the Industrial Food Image Bureau (IFIB) into major damage control mode. Ready to make an impression on her first day, Sophia volunteers to go after the man responsible for distributing the video.
2: Passing the Buck
Feb 24, 2014
Chip appears on a morning show and mounts a petition for a Senate hearing on Petro-pellet. But he's up against a full IFIB offensive. Sophia and Chip meet for drinks and a battle of wits, but their night out may have consequences for both of them.
3: Raising the Steaks
Mar 3, 2014
Chip manages to convince Sophia to visit his farm, where they continue their dialogue. As the Sustainable Family Farming Association struggles to keep up the fight, things take a dramatic turn when Chip is invited to the Megafarm, a mysterious and massive factory farm.
4: Ends Meat
Mar 10, 2014
Things just got real. Zach shows his cards. Chip languishes in a cell. Mick and Buck are in celebration mode. With the stakes higher than ever, Sophia has to decide what she really stands for.
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