Season 1
Complete Works
5 EPISODES • 2014
Season 1 of Complete Works was released on April 23 and consists of 5 episodes.


1: A Round Unvarnish'd Tale
Apr 23, 2014
Hal is chosen as a last minute replacement for the Finals of the American Shakespeare Competition in Italy. The six finalists perform monologues and size each other up. Pauline is paired with Hal, who suggests a bold idea for a scene.
2: Vaulting Ambition
Apr 23, 2014
Hal gets flak for his scene choice. James encourages him to think more competitively. A guest teacher brings everyone but Hal to tears. The judges assign sonnets, and Hal takes drastic measures to get his feelings going.
3: The Green-Eyed Monster
Apr 23, 2014
Pauline tells Hal to step it up. Hal gets a coach, who convinces him to change a lot about himself. Hal makes a new enemy, and a famous past winner comes to dinner.
4: My Offense Is Rank
Apr 23, 2014
The competitors practice stage combat with a guest teacher. Hal and Oliver perform a death scene, and Hal takes a big risk. The gala begins, and the competitors bring everything they have to the final performances.
5: Now Might I Do It Pat
Apr 23, 2014
Racing against the clock to study his cold read, Hal is forced to confront James. Hal performs his monologue at the gala, despite some sabotage. The judges deliberate, and James announces the winner.
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