Season 1
The Bisexual
6 EPISODES • 2018
A woman takes a break from her girlfriend and business partner of a decade to explore her attraction to men for the first time.


1: Episode 1
Oct 10, 2018
New Yorker Leila lives a seemingly perfect life with her girlfriend in London. But she has a secret - she's bisexual. Realising she's living a lie Leila makes a big decision, with unexpected consequences.
2: Episode 2
Oct 17, 2018
Leila and Sadie try to be civil. It’s anything but behind the scenes. Neurotic new housemate Gabe tries to cheer Leila up with a night out that turns into a drunken odyssey with a twist.
3: Episode 3
Oct 24, 2018
4: Episode 4
Oct 31, 2018
5: Episode 5
Nov 7, 2018
6: Episode 6
Nov 14, 2018
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