Season 3
6 EPISODES • 2017
Season 3 of Letterkenny was released on July 1 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 2


1: Sled Shack
Jul 1, 2017
The Hicks build a sled shack on the sleddin' trail; the Hockey Players, now leading goal scorers, try to motivate the Irish.
2: Puck Bunny
Jul 1, 2017
Wayne attempts to lure Up Country Degens to the sled shack, but choosing the bait proves problematic.
3: MoDean's 2
Jul 1, 2017
MoDean's grand reopening gives Wayne the opportunity to confront Jivin' Pete.
4: Les Hiques
Jul 1, 2017
The Hicks go fishing on the Quebec border and meet their French doppelgangers.
5: The Battle for Bonnie McMurray
Jul 1, 2017
Bonnie invites the Hicks to a hot tub party, and Dan, Daryl and Katy compete for her attention.
6: Bradley is a Killer
Jul 1, 2017
Bradley returns to Letterkenny to be a bouncer at MoDean's; Gae and the Skids reach a crossroads.
Season 4
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