Season 8
7 EPISODES • 2019
Season 8 of Letterkenny was released on December 24 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 7


1: Miss Fire
Dec 25, 2019
The Hicks support Wayne. Reilly and Jonesy continue the hunt for the big ship. Stewart has made some changes.
2: National Senior Hockey Championship
Dec 25, 2019
The Hicks continue to be there for their friend. The Hockey Players play Quebec. Stewart learns how to fight.
3: The Rippers
Dec 25, 2019
Wayne’s American cousint’ plans a road trip south of the border.
4: Ferda
Dec 25, 2019
The Hockey Players start a club for men. The skids go to the city.
5: Yard Sale Saturday
Dec 25, 2019
Everybody’s dickering on Yard Sale Saturday.
6: Holy Sheet
Dec 25, 2019
The Hicks help the Mennonites with some choring.
7: Day Beers Day
Dec 25, 2019
It’s Day Beers Day. Katy takes a trip.
Season 9
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