Season 1
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers
13 EPISODES • 1989
Season 1 of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers was released on March 4 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Piratsy Under the Seas
Mar 4, 1989
Dale is being hassled with chores so much that he joins a group of pirate rats.
2: Catteries Not Included
Mar 5, 1989
A little girl is looking for her beloved cat Spunky, and the Rescue Rangers are on the case. It seems that all of the cats have been kidnapped by mechanical dogs under the power of Professor Nimnul. The Professor is using the cats for static electricity to power his device to take over the city. The Rangers find Spunky and free him along with all of the other cats, and the Professor's plan is foiled.
3: Dale Beside Himself
Mar 12, 1989
In order to get out of doing his regular chores, Dale switches places with a visiting space alien who has a penchant for shape-shifting.
4: Flash the Wonder Dog
Mar 19, 1989
Dale's television hero, Flash, is kidnapped and framed by Fat Cat, in a ploy to discredit dogs everywhere.
5: Out to Launch
Mar 26, 1989
Unforseen circumstances cause the Rangers to take off in the Space Plane and be stranded in space!
6: Kiwi's Big Adventure
Apr 2, 1989
The Ranger plane is swiped by a primitive tribe of flightless Kiwis, who worship it in the hope that it will allow them to fly once again.
7: Adventures in Squirrelsitting
Apr 9, 1989
The Rescue Rangers try to recover the Maltese Mouse from Fat Cat, and end up with the unlikely task of babysitting a mother squirrel's two rambunctious daughters.
8: Pound of the Baskervilles
Apr 16, 1989
Chip thinks he's famed literary detective, Sureluck Jones, as the Rangers try to find a hidden will in an old mansion before time runs out.
9: Risky Beesness
Apr 23, 1989
A queen bee enlists the Rangers' help (and Zipper's affections) when her hive gets mesmerized by a rock star wannabe.
10: Three Men and a Booby
Apr 30, 1989
A mother Booby's egg is eggnapped and she asks for the Rangers' aid in recovering it.
11: The Carpetsnaggers
May 7, 1989
The Rangers are met with a supernatural mystery when they catch flying carpets in the act of burglarizing houses.
12: Bearing Up Baby
May 14, 1989
Humphrey the bear adopts a stray human child, and the Rangers have to figure out how to get him back to his gun-happy parents.
13: Parental Discretion Retired
May 21, 1989
Monty's father, Cheddarhead Charlie, comes for a visit and takes over, much to the Rescue Rangers' chagrin.
Season 2
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