Season 2
Holly Hobbie
10 EPISODES • 2019
Holly Hobbie might appear to be just a young farm girl living in small-town U.S.A, but on the inside, she's a hero for our time. Now that Holly's hit her teens, helping others is more complicated than it looks. From saving her grandma's café, to supporting her bestie and navigating young love, Holly may save the world someday, but she's going to start with her own small town.

Season 1


1: A Whole New Holly
Nov 22, 2019
When her audition for the town musical doesn't go the way she planned, Holly is determined to get a callback and prove that she's meant for the lead part.
2: The Thwarted Thespian
Nov 22, 2019
Holly struggles during rehearsals for the town musical and skips studying for a huge math test to keep her lead part.
3: The Salty Songstress
Nov 22, 2019
Fighting against the rumor mill, Holly writes a song to set her story straight, but the song attracts unwanted attention from an online troll.
4: The Cranky Camper
Nov 22, 2019
Mom forces the family to go on a camping trip without any electronic devices in order to spend quality time together – much to the chagrin of Robbie, Holly, Heather…and even Dad.
5: The Puzzled Peacemaker
Nov 22, 2019
Holly’s excited to perform her new song at The Calico Cafe, but she discovers that Lyla and her cheerleaders are organizing a boycott against Open Mic.
6: The Night-Crawling Newbie
Nov 22, 2019
Holly convinces Amy and Piper to attend a music showcase hosted by Oscar at a Sheffield dance club.
7: The Perplexed Pioneer
Nov 22, 2019
When Piper’s Mom shares the news that they’ll be moving to New Mexico, Piper searches for belonging while on a school trip to Pioneer Village.
8: The Dauntless Daughter
Nov 22, 2019
After Holly and Amy experience unfair double standards, they gather Piper and the girls in their class for a protest to make their voices heard.
9: The Hesitant Heroine
Nov 22, 2019
While giving a tour of Collinsville, Holly catches the director of the town musical bullying Savannah and decides that it’s time to speak up.
10: The Selfless Starlet
Nov 22, 2019
While choosing an outfit from a clothing brand sponsor for the Gwen Taylor show, Holly finds a troubling note and seeks justice.
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