Season 5
12 EPISODES • 2015
Season five finds the Gallaghers dealing with both the upside and downside of personal and urban renewal. As their neighborhood begins a move towards gentrifying, the Gallagher clan begins to reconcile their chaotic past in the hopes of building a better future.

Season 4


1: Milk of the Gods
Jan 11, 2015
Fiona juggles her job and a crush. Lip heads back home.
2: I'm the Liver
Jan 18, 2015
Sheila gets an offer to buy her home. Plus, Fiona is off house arrest!
3: The Two Lisas
Jan 25, 2015
Frank enlists Carl to scare off the lesbians. Debbie throws a wild party.
4: A Night to Remem... Wait, What?
Feb 1, 2015
Frank retraces the path of an epic bender. Fiona and Gus head to city hall.
5: Rite of Passage
Feb 8, 2015
Fiona's plans to announce her marriage unravel. Mickey asks for Lip's help.
6: Crazy Love
Feb 15, 2015
Fiona is thrown into chaos by the return of Jimmy. Ian takes Mickey's baby.
7: Tell Me You F**king Need Me
Mar 1, 2015
Ian finds himself at the psych ward. Fiona decides between Jimmy and Gus.
8: Uncle Carl
Mar 8, 2015
Gus tells Fiona he's leaving to go on tour. Frank seeks revenge on Sammi.
9: Carl's First Sentencing
Mar 15, 2015
Frank plays tour guide for his doctor. Fiona preps Carl for sentencing.
10: South Side Rules
Mar 22, 2015
Frank has a ball with his new sick friend and formerly uptight doctor.
11: Drugs Actually
Mar 29, 2015
Frank grows concerned as Bianca's behavior becomes erratic and dangerous.
12: Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)
Apr 5, 2015
Fiona reunites with Gus. Frank works to keep Bianca happy. Season finale.
Season 6
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