Season 6
12 EPISODES • 2017
Carrie Mathison is back in the US on the streets of New York, fighting for the protection of civil liberties and against the abuse of power within our government. She remains in opposition with Saul, who is still with the CIA.

Season 5


1: Fair Game
Jan 15, 2017
Carrie returns home to the US with Franny to work as an advocate for Muslim Americans. Dar and Saul brief President-elect Keane. Quinn struggles with his new circumstances.
2: The Man in the Basement
Jan 22, 2017
Carrie and Reda fight for their client while Quinn fights against his new life. Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.
3: The Covenant
Jan 29, 2017
Carrie's meeting with Saad has grave repercussions for Sekou. In Abu Dhabi, Saul interrogates Nafisi for proof of an Iran-North Korea arms deal.
4: A Flash of Light
Feb 12, 2017
Sekou buckles under peer pressure to prove he's not an FBI informant. Saul secretly seeks a second opinion. Quinn tails Carrie's suspicious neighbor.
5: Casus Belli
Feb 19, 2017
A detail in the wreckage catches Quinn's eye. A lapse in Carrie's judgment endangers her child. A mystery emerges from the recording Carrie received.
6: The Return
Feb 26, 2017
Keane breaks the rules to reclaim her power. Saul investigates Mossad agent Tova's movements. Quinn's photos lead FBI agent Conlin to a weird place.
7: Imminent Risk
Mar 5, 2017
Carrie gets a troubling call from Franny's school. Dar plots to prevent Javadi from reporting his findings to Saul. Quinn learns he's part of a deal.
8: alt.truth
Mar 12, 2017
A smear campaign against Keane's late son is launched. Quinn grows distrustful of Astrid. In a meeting with Keane, Javadi makes a shocking statement.
9: Sock Puppets
Mar 19, 2017
Javadi leaves an unexpected gift behind. Max infiltrates the shady company where Conlin was last heard from. Quinn sets off on a revenge mission.
10: The Flag House
Mar 26, 2017
Quinn learns the assassin he's tracking is linked to a place from his past. Max spots a familiar face at his new job and takes a risk to get evidence.
11: R Is for Romeo
Apr 2, 2017
Carrie and Quinn make a discovery while Keane makes a decision and Max finds trouble.
12: America First
Apr 9, 2017
Dar uses strong-arm tactics to find out who's behind the Toxic Soldier blog. A phone tip sends Carrie and Quinn scrambling to save Keane's life.
Season 7
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