Season 3
Stargate SG-1
22 EPISODES • 1999
Season 3 of Stargate SG-1 was released on June 25 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 2


1: Into the Fire (2)
Jun 25, 1999
O'Neill, Carter and Jackson must escape Hathor's clutches, while Teal'c tries to raise a Jaffa army on Chulak. General Hammond must take desperate measures to rescue the team.
2: Seth
Jul 2, 1999
SG-1 must find a renegade Goa'uld who has been hiding on Earth for thousands of years.
3: Fair Game
Jul 9, 1999
The Asgard aid Earth in negotiating a nonagression treaty with the Goa'uld System Lords.
4: Legacy
Jul 16, 1999
When Daniel goes insane, SG-1 must deal with the legacy of Machello's anti-Goa'uld technology.
5: Learning Curve
Jul 23, 1999
SG-1 discovers a planet where children are used to acquire knowledge for the entire population, then discarded.
6: Point of View
Jul 30, 1999
SG-1 must free an alternate reality Earth from a Goa'uld invasion after duplicates of Samantha Carter and Charles Kawalsky come through the quantum mirror.
7: Deadman Switch
Aug 6, 1999
SG-1 is taken captive by an alien bounty hunter with uncertain loyalties.
8: Demons
Aug 13, 1999
SG-1 finds a medieval Christian society terrorized by Sokar and the Unas, and is accused of being possessed by demons.
9: Rules of Engagement
Aug 20, 1999
SG-1 discovers a military camp where young men are trained to impersonate SGC personnel to infiltrate Earth.
10: Forever in a Day
Oct 8, 1999
Jackson deals with the apparent death of his wife, Sha're, at the hands of Teal'c.
11: Past and Present
Oct 15, 1999
SG-1 encounters an entire planet suffering from amnesia. The planet's leader returns to Earth with SG-1 to find a cure, but SG-1 suspects she may not be who she appears to be.
12: Jolinar's Memories (1)
Oct 22, 1999
When Major Carter's father Jacob is kidnapped by Sokar, the SG-1 team must infiltrate a prison moon designed to look like hell to rescue him.
13: The Devil You Know (2)
Oct 29, 1999
SG-1 must escape a hellish prison moon, and one of their worst enemies.
14: Foothold
Nov 5, 1999
SG-1 returns from a mission and discovers that metamorphic aliens have taken over the complex.
15: Pretense
Jan 21, 2000
The Tollan put Skaara and Klorel on trial to determine who will control the host body.
16: Urgo
Jan 28, 2000
SG-1 receives alien brain implants that manifest themselves as a bizarre man, who tells them that they would not survive the procedure to remove him.
17: A Hundred Days
Feb 4, 2000
After a meteor strike buries the Stargate, O'Neill finds himself stranded on a planet with no hope of rescue.
18: Shades of Grey
Feb 11, 2000
O'Neill steals technology from the Tollan, and is forced to leave the Stargate program. Maybourne offers an intriguing proposal.
19: New Ground
Feb 18, 2000
The members of SG-1 are imprisoned on a planet and become pawns in a war of ideology.
20: Maternal Instinct
Feb 25, 2000
SG-1 discovers the mystical planet Kheb, and must find the Harcesis child of Apophis and Sha're before Apophis's army does.
21: Crystal Skull
Mar 3, 2000
An alien artifact causes Daniel to disappear, and the team looks for help from his institutionalized grandfather.
22: Nemesis (1)
Mar 10, 2000
SG-1 faces creatures of mass destruction that even the Asgard can't control, and must destroy Thor's infested vessel before the Replicator bugs reach Earth.
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