Season 1
Tall Tales & Legends
10 EPISODES • 1985
Season 1 of Tall Tales & Legends was released on September 25 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Sep 25, 1985
Ed Begley, Jr stars as Ichabod Crane, the superstitious new schoolmaster who comes to town and finds himself competing with local favorite Brom Bones (Tim Thomerson) for the heart of the beautiful Katrina (Beverly D'Angelo). In a plot orchestrated by Bones, Crane comes face-to-face with Sleepy Hollow's most famous resident, the Headless Horseman! Brom soon learns that it doesn’t pay to use trickery when he has a scary encounter of his own!
2: Annie Oakley
Dec 24, 1985
Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the famous Little Miss Sure Shot, Annie Oakley, in this charming portrayal of the legendary shooting markswoman. Annie aims high and reaches for her dreams when she goes out and joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, determined to be the best she can be. This enchanting tale also stars Brian Dennehy as Buffalo Bill Cody and Cliff DeYoung in an American tale that shows dreams really do come true.
3: Pecos Bill
Jan 6, 1986
Steve Guttenberg portrays Pecos Bill, the “King of the Cowboys,” in this rooting’ tootin’ epic. Raised by coyotes, Bill puts the “wild” in the Wild West settlement of Petunia City When is rowdy behavior gets him run out of town, he heads for Mexico. There, Bill lassoes a cyclone to save the state of Texas from drought. His heroics become campfire legend, pricing that selflessness and bravery are never forgotten. The tall tale’s amazing clast includes Rebecca De Mornay, playing the sassy Slew Foot Sue, as well as comedian Martin Mull and Megan Mullally.
4: Casey at the Bat
Jan 20, 1986
It’s the summer of 1888, and Casey Frank (Elliott Gould) is a down-on-his-luck baseball player on the league’s losingest team, the Mudville Hogs. Hard work, determination, and a little bit of magic turn Casey into the game’s most popular slugger. But even after striking out, the mighty Casey remains a hero for his sportsmanship and good-natured play. Carol Kane, Bob Uecker, and Howard Cosell co-star in this spirited salute to both an American legend and “America’s pastime.”
5: Darlin' Clementine
Feb 8, 1986
Shelley Duvall brings this endearing tall tale to life portraying Clementine, a lonely woman in a California mining camp who cooks and cleans for everyone around her. When her father, played by Ed Asner, makes a selfish deal to get what he thinks he wants the most, he learns quickly what happens when you take advantage of someone you love. David Dukes stars as Clementine’s handsome suitor, Levi, and Michael Richards round out the all-star cast as Sneaky Pete in this classic American folk tale that takes place during the California Gold Rush.
6: Johnny Appleseed
Oct 31, 1986
When Johnny Appleseed, portrayed by Martin Short, travels across the land with a cooking pot on his head and his pockets filled with apple seeds, the villagers quickly learn that there’s nothing wrong with being an individual...and thinking for yourself. The award-winning classic folk tale is brought to life by an all-star cast that includes a young Milly Ringwald as Jenny Smith, and the multi-talented Rob Reiner as the cruel trading post owner.
7: Ponce de Leon
Nov 16, 1986
The search for youth has never been so much fun as famed adventurer Ponce de Leon (Michael York) teams up with Lucy (Sally Kellerman), the Lady Pirate, in the ultimate adventure. Ponce faces challenges as Lucy tries to trap him with many tricks on his quest to find The Fountain of Youth. Along the way, Ponce realizes that the joy of life is in the journey itself.
8: John Henry
Dec 1, 1986
“On the night John Henry was born, lightning bolts shaped like nine-pound hammers filled the sky,” and from that day on, John Henry was known as the extraordinary boy who became an extraordinary man. Acclaimed film actor Danny Glover stars as John Henry, the American folk hero who became the famous steel-driving man of American folk lore and song. Joining him in an all-star cast is Tom Hulce as Quinn, the Irish servant who was raised on the same plantation as John Henry,
9: Davy Crockett
Dec 18, 1986
The multi-talented Mac Davis brings the story of America's coonskin-capped pioneer to life. On the wild frontier, Davy Crockett earns a reputation for bravery and courage. Whether it's grinning down a bear or hurling a giant comet into space, his adventures prove that anything is possible. Guided by the motto "make sure you're right, then go ahead," Davy becomes a Congressman, a battlefront hero and an inspiration to us all. McLean Stevenson and Michael McKean co-star in this epic tale of leadership and valor.
10: Tall Tales & Legends: Johnny Appleseed
Dec 27, 1985
The Grand Canyon was his private swimming hole, he dug the Rio Grande on a slow afternoon and he cooked his grub from the Texas Panhandle itself. Pecos Bill, the delightful tall tale hero of the Old West.
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