Season 1
Debbie Does Dallas Again
7 EPISODES • 2007
Season 1 of Debbie Does Dallas Again was released on March 9 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Episode 1
Mar 9, 2007
Director Paul "PT" Thomas and Vivid's Steven Hirsch decide to do a remake of the 1978 porn classic "Debbie Does Dallas." We meet the contenders for the 'Debbie' role: Vivid girls Stefani, Monique, Cassidey and Sunny.
2: Episode 2
Mar 16, 2007
Even the Director's job seems to be up for grabs as Vivid prepares for the "Debbie" production. Steven tries to convince Savanna to appear as Debbie's mother.
3: Episode 3
Mar 23, 2007
The Vivid girls audition for the role of Debbie and the casting call goes out for the cheerleaders.
4: Episode 4
Mar 30, 2007
Now that "Debbie" has been cast, production begins and tensions start to mount on the set.
5: Episode 5
Apr 6, 2007
PT's production has its share of problems as Eon prepares his location. Stefani and Monique contemplate becoming room-mates.
6: Episode 6
Apr 13, 2007
As P.T. struggles with his ambitious production, Eon has his own share of problems on his "Debbie."
7: Episode 7
Apr 20, 2007
Cassidey makes a career decision. PT must deal with a couple of divas.
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