Season 1
Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer
3 EPISODES • 2024
Season 1 of Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer was released on July 11 and consists of 3 episodes.


1: To Listen to a Killer
Jul 11, 2024
Dr. Ann Burgess, a psychiatric nurse and professor, gets a call from the FBI that results in her participation in a new task force aimed at catching serial predators, she is trust into an active investigation involving the assaults of over 20 women.
2: To Hunt Like a Killer
Jul 11, 2024
Ann dives deeper into the minds of serial killers, while balancing her life as a mother of four, as the Behavior Science Unit reaches to prove the success of profiling.
3: To Defend a Killer
Jul 11, 2024
Ann publishes her groundbreaking study and serial crimes go down. But, she quickly comes to realize there is never time to rest.
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