Season 1
10 EPISODES • 2015
Season 1 of UnREAL was released on June 1 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Return
Jun 1, 2015
A young staffer at a dating competition show is tasked with manipulating relationships among the contestants in order to get dramatic footage for the show.
2: Relapse
Jun 8, 2015
A family tragedy strikes one of the girls while Quinn continues to push boundaries and Rachel's old laptop falls into the wrong hands.
3: Mother
Jun 15, 2015
Broke and drowning under a pile of bills, Rachel is forced to ask her mother for financial support. Back at the mansion, Adam's best friend makes waves on set when he is asked to choose three women for a romantic dinner date with Adam.
4: Wife
Jun 22, 2015
The girls get upset when a tabloid exposes news about Adam's past. Rachel produces a romantic date at Adam's vineyard. Quinn revisits an old relationship when she realizes she will always be the "other woman" in Chet's life. Jeremy receives a promotion.
5: Truth
Jun 29, 2015
The crew heads to Mississippi for Faith’s hometown date with Adam. Rachel makes a startling discovery about Faith, and enlists the help of Adam to protect her. Jeremy and Rachel take the first step towards mending their friendship. Meanwhile, Quinn sues Chet and Shia takes drastic measures to boost a girl’s popularity.
6: Fly
Jul 6, 2015
Adam gets the chance to meet Mary's family after the show sets up their one-on-one date.
7: Savior
Jul 13, 2015
After a tragedy hits the set, the contestants and everybody behind the scenes are affected.
8: Two
Jul 20, 2015
As the final elimination ceremony approaches, Adam is offered an interesting proposal.
9: Princess
Jul 27, 2015
Quinn and Rachel question their future; the final three contestants return to Adam's vineyard.
10: Future
Aug 3, 2015
Season 1 ends with an unwanted guest returning to the set. Meanwhile, Rachel is betrayed; and Adam makes a decision that changes his life forever.
Season 2
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