Season 2
15 EPISODES • 2020
Season 2 of PEN15 was released on September 18 and consists of 15 episodes.

Season 1


1: Pool
Sep 18, 2020
Two days after the dance, Maya and Anna reluctantly go to a lame pool party. A crush unexpectedly shows up, causing them to question their sanity and reputations.
2: Wrestle
Sep 18, 2020
Maya zeros in on her crush, while Anna deals with the fallout from her parents’ divorce. Together they find outlets in an unexpected extracurricular activity.
3: Vendy Wiccany
Sep 18, 2020
Anna and Maya discover secret powers within, allowing them to control rocky aspects of their lives through magic.
4: Three
Sep 18, 2020
Witnessing their daughters reach a new low, Kathy and Yuki rally around them. At school, Maya and Anna receive an opportunity at redemption but it will come with a range of influences.
5: Sleepover
Sep 18, 2020
Maura hosts a group sleepover at her house. The clock chimes late into the night as secrets and masks threaten the death of friendships.
6: Play
Sep 18, 2020
The school play has been cast. Maya has the opportunity to get her actual first kiss. Anna struggles to find herself.
7: Opening Night
Sep 18, 2020
It’s opening night. Hearts are exposed, forcing both Anna and Maya to grow up.
8: Jacuzzi
Aug 27, 2021
On vacation with Curtis, Anna and Maya are introduced to new crippling insecurities. The girls try to ignore them, but a mystical turn makes their self-doubt impossible to forget.
9: Bat Mitzvah
Dec 3, 2021
An upcoming Bat Mitzvah forces Maya to face a realization about her family's socio economic status while Anna grapples with an existential crisis.
10: Shadow
Dec 3, 2021
Anna helps her dad move into an apartment. Maya is confronted by a surprise visitor from Japan.
11: Yuki
Dec 3, 2021
A day in the life of Yuki.
12: Grammy
Dec 3, 2021
A new family member comes to live with Anna but their arrival brings unexpected endings. Maya gets a diagnosis.
13: Luminaria
Dec 3, 2021
Anna and Maya attend the local “Walk For Cancer.” Opportunities for socializing evolve into inklings of mortality.
14: Runaway
Dec 3, 2021
Anna is given the opportunity of a lifetime but when her parents won’t let her partake, Maya encourages them to take fate into their own hands and embark on a dangerous journey.
15: Home
Dec 3, 2021
Anna and Maya are far from where they began. Now all they want is to go back home.
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