Season 1
Difficult People
8 EPISODES • 2015
Season 1 of Difficult People was released on August 5 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Library Water
Aug 5, 2015
Billy and Julie come up with an entrepreneurial scheme to sell bottled library water fountain water; Julie gets in trouble for a controversial tweet.
2: Devil's Three-Way
Aug 5, 2015
Julie seeks out an old high school crush and brings him to bed with her and Arthur; Billy finds a father figure in Denise's husband, Nate.
3: Pledge Week
Aug 12, 2015
4: The Courage of a Soldier
Aug 19, 2015
5: The Children's Menu
Aug 26, 2015
6: Even Later
Sep 2, 2015
7: Premium Membership
Sep 9, 2015
8: Difficult Christmas
Sep 16, 2015
Julie and Billy book a gig at The Cutting Room, but Billy's newfound obligation to family threatens to compromise their big break.
Season 2
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