Season 1
The Wrong Mans
6 EPISODES • 2013
Sam Pinkett and Phil Bourne, office workers for Berkshire County Council, have their menial existence turned upside-down by a chance phone-call and a case of mistaken identity. After being sole witness to a car crash on a desolate country road, Sam answers an abandoned mobile telephone and hears a message that was clearly not meant for him: "If you are not here by 5 o'clock, we will kill your wife". Encouraged by office mail-room delivery boy Phil that they can be the heroes of the hour, the duo soon find themselves plunged into a deadly kidnap situation.


1: The Wrong Mans
Sep 24, 2013
A case of mistaken identity catapults two council employees into a conspiracy.
2: Bad Mans
Oct 1, 2013
Sam and Phil are sent to rescue a hostage but end up with an angry hostage of their own.
3: Dead Mans
Oct 8, 2013
Sam and Phil fall deeper into a sinister world of agents and double agents.
4: Inside Mans
Oct 15, 2013
Sam and Phil gatecrash a party and interrupt an assassination plot.
5: Wanted Mans
Oct 22, 2013
Sam and Phil bring the dangerous plot right to their doorsteps and nowhere is safe.
6: Running Mans
Oct 29, 2013
Sam and Phil are now on the run, on the edge and on each other's nerves.
Season 2
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