The Weekly | Season 1: In Pursuit of the Truth Teaser | FX
103 views • Aug 7, 2019
The New York Times presents: One Story. Every Sunday Night. In pursuit of the truth. The Weekly premieres 6/2 on FX. 6/3 on Hulu. Subscribe now for more The Weekly clips: The Weekly is a narrative documentary news program that follows the stories behind The New York Times’ headlines. Viewers will see reporters from The Times chasing their stories, watch as they conduct their interviews, and generally have the sense of being along for the ride. The whole idea for this show is that the layers that separate viewers from The Times journalism will be eliminated. Watch The Weekly Season 1 videos: See more of The Weekly on our official site: Like FX on Facebook: Follow FX on Twitter: Follow FX on Instagram: The Weekly | Season 1: In Pursuit of the Truth Teaser | FX
The Weekly
A narrative documentary news program that features one or two of the New York Times’ biggest and most important visual stories each week following the stories and the reporters that work on them every step of the way.

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