Season 2
Wu-Tang: An American Saga
10 EPISODES • 2021
Season 2 of Wu-Tang: An American Saga was released on September 8 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 1


1: Little Ghetto Boys
Sep 8, 2021
A new beginning is soured when a single decision turns Bobby’s life on its head.
2: Brooklyn Zoo
Sep 8, 2021
Bobby goes all in on music while the rest of the Clan struggles with life in the projects.
3: Hollow Bones
Sep 8, 2021
The Clan becomes disillusioned with their paths as Bobby prepares to steer them in a new direction.
4: Pioneer the Frontier
Sep 15, 2021
RZA makes a risky move to squash old beef.
5: Visionz
Sep 22, 2021
Tension is thick as the Clan works together to build a home recording studio.
6: Protect Ya Neck
Sep 29, 2021
The Clan digs deep to make the perfect record to take the industry by storm.
7: Airwaves
Oct 6, 2021
With Protect Ya Neck in hand the Clan hustles to get it on airwaves and in stores by any means necessary.
8: Saturday Nite
Oct 13, 2021
The pressure is on when the Clan tells label executives to come see them perform at a legendary hip hop club on a night they aren’t booked.
9: C.R.E.A.M.
Oct 20, 2021
RZA is torn between long money and quick cash as the Clan struggles with financial issues.
10: As High as Wu-Tang Gets
Oct 27, 2021
The Clan makes big moves for Wu domination.
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