Season 4
Holly Hobbie
10 EPISODES • 2022
Season 4 of Holly Hobbie was released on May 1 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 3


1: The Struggling Songwriter
May 1, 2022
Amy and Holly are nervous to separate for the first time this summer as Holly leaves for songwriting camp in Nashville. Holly is thrilled to learn that she’s partnered up with one of her songwriting heroes, Margo, to come up with songs for a famous singer. While Dad is busy discovering the divine beauty of Nasvhille BBQ, Holly encounters Destiny, a struggling singer songwriter, who inspires Holly to persevere through adversity. After Margo tells Holly her song ideas aren’t personal enough, Holly channels her insecurity into writing a new, original song that’s a smash hit! Worried about being a CIT without her best friend Holly, Amy is disappointed to discover her co-CIT will be Savannah - Amy’s polar opposite. Where Amy is prepared, cautious, and cerebral, Savannah is spontaneous, fun, and carefree. Amy eventually realizes she’s putting too much pressure on making Savannah act ‘her way’ and discovers that Savannah is an incredible CIT, and also a great friend!
2: The Song Circle Surprise
May 1, 2022
When the song Holly has been writing in Nasvhille gets rejected, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Determined to prove that her song is truly great, Holly performs it in front of a live crowd - it’s a smash hit! Holly is blindsided when an audience member reveals himself as the pop star who rejected Holly’s song: Justin Lewis - a famous actor. Later, Holly is shocked when she hears that Justin cancelled the songwriting camp. Defeated, Holly heads home but gets a call from Justin: he cancelled the camp because he’s moving to Collinsville to write his entire album with Holly! Robbie finds himself in over his head when orders for his jam come flooding in. Robbie decides to hire his best friend Warren to help out with the business, but quickly learns that Warren is not up for the task. Robbie eventually realizes that to be a great CEO he has to make some tough decisions and needs to start acting like a grown up… by asking Mom for help.
3: The Bestie Bonfire
May 1, 2022
Holly and Amy reunite after a summer apart. When Holly tells Amy about Justin Lewis coming to Collinsville, she enlists her help to organize a secret welcome bonfire for Justin. Although Holly swears Amy to secrecy, not before long, Amy spills the beans to Savannah, one of Justin’s biggest fans, (and the last person on earth who can keep things on the down low). Amy vouches for Savannah to Holly, getting Savannah invited to the bonfire, but when Justin superfans ambush the event, Amy accuses Savannah of sharing the secret. Robbie does some investigating to find out that the leak came from Justin himself, in the hopes of gaining publicity. Amy apologizes to Savannah for judging her, making amends by organizing a group hangout with her, Holly, and Justin. Heather worries she’s losing Levi as a friend when he starts taking up dance. Heather heads to Levi’s dance tryouts to pull him away when she discovers she’s a natural dancer!
4: The Aspiring Ally
May 1, 2022
While looking for inspiration for their next song in town, Holly and Justin have a strange interaction with Farmer Dodge. When Justin starts acting different, Holly brings up what happened with her family. Heather helps Holly realize that what she witnessed was Farmer Dodge racially profiling Justin. Dodge assumed Holly was in trouble just because Justin is Black. After hearing from Amy and Savannah that they too have experienced racism in Collinsville, Holly becomes determined to seek justice on Justin’s behalf. After confronting Farmer Dodge, Holly tries to convince Justin to join her in a protest and help write a song about what happened - but Justin wants nothing to do with it. Confused, Holly turns to Amy who helps Holly learn that what matters most is doing what Justin wants, not what Holly wants. Holly decides to respect Justin’s wishes, and on her own starts educating herself and her family on racial inequality.
5: The Reticent Rulemaker
May 1, 2022
As Holly and Justin work closer together to create a new album, Oscar begins to grow jealous. With his suspicions of Justin mounting, Oscar convinces Holly to let him sit in on all their songwriting sessions to make sure Justin doesn’t try anything. A heart-throb pop star and a jealous boyfriend in the same room? What could go wrong? Although Holly is initially reluctant, she lets Oscar come to a session - and it’s a total failure. Oscar interrupts the creative process, eventually accusing Justin of wanting to steal Holly away from him. Holly feels like this is all her fault until some guidance from Mom makes her realize that Oscar’s trust issues are his problems to fix, not Holly’s. Dad is disappointed when he discovers Heather’s new secret passion is dance. Heather is hurt by Dad's disapproval of her new hobby, thinking it’s ‘girly’. Mom teaches Dad how he’s bonded with Heather in the past not because she used to play baseball, but because he supported her.
6: The Anxious Achiever
May 1, 2022
With the SATs approaching, Amy isolates herself from her friends so she wont get sick. While studying at home, Amy is convinced that she has become ill, and immediately starts searching the web to diagnose herself. Despite Holly and her mother trying to quell Amy’s hypochondriac fears, Amy is confident something is wrong. After a doctor informs Amy she was suffering from anxiety, Amy rejects the diagnosis, after all, he’s only a trained medical professional! A sympathetic Justin opens up to Amy about his own struggles with mental health and shows her a form of meditation that helps manage anxiety. When a school graduation trip to an amusement park gets cancelled, Heather becomes intent on organizing her own rollercoaster excursion. Heather suspects Mark doesn’t want to join the trip because he’s afraid of going on rollercoasters.
7: The Collinsville Conspiracist
May 1, 2022
Holly discovers a gossip website that shares cryptic posts about Justin, including one that suggests he’s dating Holly! Holly’s convinced that the website is nonsense… but when she starts trying to disprove some of the theories, Holly questions if some of the rumours are actually true. When Holly’s suspicions send her searching for a hidden bunker in the middle of a forest, Holly realizes she’s gone too far. Rumours about Justin dating a Collinsville girl is one thing… but building an underground bunker to hide from Hollywood elites? That’s just too crazy to be true. Confident that the website is all lies, Holly decides to apologize to Justin, but before she can reach him she discovers one of the rumours about him is actually true - Justin is interested in a small town girl… Amy! Working nonstop on his new jam business, Robbie finds himself going to bed earlier than Grandpa. Worried he’s turning into an old man, Robbie buys a motorcycle to reclaim his youth.
8: The Defiant Dancer
May 1, 2022
Heather’s excitement for her first dance competition fades when she’s handed her costume - the outfit is extremely revealing and definitely not Heather’s style. Heather asks her dance teacher to change costumes but is shocked to find out that she has to wear the revealing clothes. Heather grows upset, baffled why the competition is concerned with what she wears. She’s ready to throw in the towel but some thoughtful advice from Mom emboldens Heather to take a stand. In the final hour - Heather convinces her dance troop to make their own costumes that they all feel comfortable in. Suspecting Amy and Justin are secretly dating, Holly tries to sniff out if they’re in a relationship. Holly decides to throw a sleepover, encouraging Amy to play truth or dare in order to coax the secret out of her. Holly realizes she may be taking things too far when she orchestrates an elaborate prank on Justin that includes a live chicken!
9: The Cowering Confidant
May 1, 2022
Justin plans an impromptu trip to take Holly and Amy to New Mexico. Holly gets an unexpected call from Justin’s manager who tells her that he hasn’t received any of the songs they’ve been working on. Concerned, Holly agrees to perform the songs, with Justin, for his manager the next day - the same day as the trip to New Mexico. Holly confronts Justin, telling him he has to cancel his trip. Although Justin reluctantly agrees, Holly is shocked when she finds out that behind her back, he left and took Amy with him to the airport! Holly performs the songs to the manager, solo, where she learns that Justin has done erratic things like this before. Amy’s excitement for their getaway fades when Justin becomes unhinged. Dad’s confidence in his cooking abilities is shaken when he discovers that Mom doesn’t like his BBQ. Dad begins to spiral, if Mom doesn’t love him for his BBQ, then who is he?
10: The Friendship Fiasco
May 1, 2022
Holly is shook after Justin leaves Collinsville to head home to focus on his mental health. Disappointed that her dreams of writing an album with him are gone, Holly focuses her attention on helping Amy get over her now ex-boyfriend. Holly is shocked to find out that Amy is avoiding her. When Holly confronts Amy, she learns that Amy is upset at her because if Holly didn’t push Justin so hard, he wouldn’t have left Collinsville. Holly reveals that she too is upset with Amy, explaining that if Amy never went with him to New Mexico, he’d still be here, working on their album. The two eventually reconcile, realizing that they can’t blame each other for Justin’s actions. Heather tries to ensure that her friend group with Levi and Claudia won’t be broken up by romance. Meanwhile, Robbie finds himself constantly interrupted when trying to propose to Lyla. Just when Robbie thinks he’s found the perfect moment, another Hobbie finds a way to mess things up!
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