Season 5
Holly Hobbie
10 EPISODES • 2022
Season 5 of Holly Hobbie was released on August 1 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 4


1: The Accidental Activist
Aug 1, 2022
Heather is dress coded for wearing a tank top and speaks up about the injustice on the internet. Lyla and Robbie argue over weighty real estate decisions, and Robbie makes a hasty purchase.
2: The Defensive Driver
Aug 1, 2022
Holly feels a new sense of independence when she gets her driver’s license, but learns that with more independence comes even more responsibility. Heather finds herself excluded when she joins the boy’s football team.
3: The Engrossed Essayist
Aug 1, 2022
Amy struggles to write her college essay. She decides to install wheelchair ramps around town for a better essay, but Holly and Savannah think the ramps are going overboard. Heather juggles dance and rugby and realizes that she can’t keep both.
4: The Vexed Volunteer
Aug 1, 2022
Shortly after her breakup with Oscar, Holly discovers that he’s deleted all of their pictures online. She’s forced to work with him at the pickle festival and suspects he’s already dating again. Heather worries she’s becoming a third wheel.
5: The Big City Belter
Aug 1, 2022
Holly gets an audition at NYU, but is blind sighted with a music theory test that she’s unprepared for. Robbie is faced with a decision between his own gain and treating his employees right.
6: The Vegan Veteran
Aug 1, 2022
Amy’s anxiety grows when she watches a documentary about climate change. She realizes that it goes too far when she protests a BBQ fundraiser organized by her friends. Heather gets hurt during rugby and learns to prioritize her health.
7: The Adamant Athlete
Aug 1, 2022
Heather discovers that her school gives 90% of its sports funding towards boys’ teams and decides to take a stand. Holly finds a gig for her band, but Amy and Savannah aren’t as enthusiastic.
8: The Disappointed Dreamer
Aug 1, 2022
Holly finds that teaching music at the Children’s Club is more difficult than she thought. Heather rushes to build the crib for the new baby so she could join her friends at the movies.
9: The Panicky Promgoer
Aug 1, 2022
Holly gets overwhelmed with post-grad plans and lets the stress interrupt her senior prom. Amy avoids going to prom to prepare for an important interview when she knows how much it means to Savannah.
10: A New Beginning
Aug 1, 2022
With the loss of her dream job, Holly searches for her calling that will satisfy her passions in life. She’s conflicted when it comes to songwriting and philanthropy. The Hobbie family prepares for the new baby.
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