Season 1
Castle Rock
10 EPISODES • 2018
Based on the works of Stephen King, this horror series weaves together his characters and stories set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine.


1: Severance
Jul 25, 2018
The warden of Shawshank Prison commits suicide, leaving behind an unsettling mystery that seems to be connected to a case from 27 years earlier.
2: Habeas Corpus
Jul 25, 2018
Henry Deaver returns to Castle Rock and takes on the Kid as a client. A letter left behind by Warden Lacy sheds some light on the Kid's origins.
3: Local Color
Jul 25, 2018
The past catches up with Molly Strand.
4: The Box
Aug 1, 2018
Henry urges the Kid to accept the prison's settlement and investigates his own disappearance decades earlier. A Shawshank prison guard snaps.
5: Harvest
Aug 8, 2018
After the Shawshank shooting, the Kid is released and Henry moves him into an apartment above Molly's office. A ceremony honoring Alan goes awry.
6: Filter
Aug 15, 2018
Molly confesses her role in the death of Reverend Deaver. Henry's son Wendell arrives from Boston. The Kid is institutionalized, but not for long.
7: The Queen
Aug 22, 2018
Ruth explains her jumbled memories and time-skipping to her grandson Wendell, but the Kid's presence and her disorientation have tragic consequences.
8: Past Perfect
Aug 29, 2018
Out-of-towners renovate the Lacy home into a murder-themed bed and breakfast. Molly rescues Henry from the camper. Ruth remains lost in the past.
9: Henry Deaver
Sep 5, 2018
The true identity of the Kid is revealed, as well as his relationship to Henry, Molly and a site in the forest where strange sightings occur.
10: Romans
Sep 12, 2018
Henry and the Kid end up jailed together just as a prisoner transfer from the shuttering Shawshank prison leads to a violent breakout.
Season 2
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