Season 2
Castle Rock
10 EPISODES • 2019
A feud over real estate and control of the Merrill crime family becomes murderous just as mentally ill nurse Annie Wilkes arrives in Castle Rock.

Season 1


1: Let the River Run
Oct 23, 2019
On the run with her daughter Joy, ex-nurse Annie Wilkes works temp jobs to steal medication. Ace Merrill threatens the Somali developer of a new mall.
2: New Jerusalem
Oct 23, 2019
Hiding evidence of her crime, Annie discovers that the new mall is being built on a cemetery. Pop Merrill's past is revealed.
3: Ties That Bind
Oct 23, 2019
Joy has a fun day out with local kids but begins to question her mother's mental state when she returns to the motel. Pop's medical condition worsens.
4: Restore Hope
Oct 30, 2019
Ace reveals the sinister history of Jerusalem's Lot to his brother Chris. Nadia Howlwadaag learns why Pop adopted her and her brother Abdi.
5: The Laughing Place
Nov 6, 2019
Joy learns the truth about her mother's traumatic childhood and struggles with learning disabilities. Joy also discovers her own real origin.
6: The Mother
Nov 13, 2019
Tracing the call she received, Rita arrives in Castle Rock and searches for Joy, while Annie desperately tries to reconnect with her daughter.
7: The Word
Nov 20, 2019
Pop begins to discover how Ace is bringing the dark history of Jerusalem's Lot back to life in the present. Annie takes the fall for Joy.
8: Dirty
Nov 27, 2019
Annie and Joy take refuge at the Marsten House, where Ace is manipulating events and mesmerizing the town to contrive a long-prophesied resurrection.
9: Caveat Emptor
Dec 4, 2019
Pop and the rest of the unconverted seek shelter at the Emporium Galorium, where he discovers letters that reveal information about the Angel.
10: Clean
Dec 11, 2019
Annie and her remaining unconverted allies devise a plan to blow up the Angel statue and release the townspeople from their collective trance.
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