Season 1
East Los High
24 EPISODES • 2013
The series revolves around two teenage cousins—Jessie, who is a studious virgin, and Maya, a troubled runaway—who fall in love with Jacob, a popular football player. From this love triangle, Maya and Jessie must face true-to-life decisions involving sex, drugs, pregnancy, infidelity and peer pressure that will decide which one of them gets the boy and mark their lives forever.


1: This Year's Winter King & Queen
Jun 3, 2013
The Winter Formal ends with a sex scandal that opens the door for Jessie to finally hook up with Jacob. But Jessie’s life is complicated by the sudden appearance of her cousin, Maya, a runaway teen with a mysterious past.
2: The Patron Saint of Lost Causes
Jun 3, 2013
Now that she’s dating Jacob, Jessie is tempted to give up her membership to the “Virgin’s Club” while Maya runs into trouble when she starts dealing stolen drugs. Vanessa finds out who shot her sex tape.
3: Welcome to the Bomb Squad
Jun 4, 2013
After a drug-related shooting, Maya finds herself on the run again. At the dance team tryouts, it’s “Jessie vs. Vanessa”. The identity of the person who shot Vanessa’s sex tape is revealed.
4: Meet the New Busboy
Jun 5, 2013
Jessie’s romance with Jacob heats up, testing her willpower. Maya tries to clean up her act but trouble still follows her at East Los High and on the street. Vanessa announces a mandatory “initiation” party at her house.
5: The Initiation
Jun 6, 2013
Jessie unleashes her wild side when she meets Cristian, a hot dancer, at Vanessa’s house party. Rejected by Jacob, Vanessa plots against him while Maya receives a call from the dead.
6: Bang the Virgin
Jun 7, 2013
Jacob and Maya get to know each other while working at his father’s taquería. Both Jessie and Ceci receive news that rock their worlds and Vanessa makes a risky decision in the name of revenge.
7: Did You Just Become My Boss?
Jun 10, 2013
Jessie’s private dance lessons with Cristian are so sexy, she forgets about all her troubles at home. Maya’s healthy Mexican dishes inspire Jacob to revamp his father’s struggling taquería. The Martinez home gets a beautiful surprise visitor.
8: Maya's Secret Recipes
Jun 11, 2013
Maya and Jacob bond over the makeover of the taquería but Maya doesn’t realize that Ramon is closing in on her. Jessie gets more “privates” with Cristian while Ceci suspects she’s being poisoned by Abe’s evil mom.
9: Some Guys Will Screw Anything
Jun 12, 2013
“Dance Five” comes to East Los High! As Jessie preps for the big audition, her bond with Cristian grows stronger – on and off the dance floor. Maya’s fashion makeover steals Jacob’s attention while Ceci gets a reality check on Abe and her future.
10: Why Did I Have to Get Pregnant?
Jun 13, 2013
Maya fights off her attraction for Jacob. Vanessa pressures Cristian to seal the deal with Jessie, and Ceci is in turmoil over her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Maya’s dangerous past finally catches up with her.
11: We Shouldn’t Be Doing This
Jun 14, 2013
During one unforgettable night of romance, seduction and betrayal, Maya and Jessie are tempted to surrender to their true passions. Ceci continues to weigh her options.
12: I’m Gonna Give Him What He Wants
Jun 17, 2013
Jessie transforms into a sexy vixen to get what she wants. Maya decides whether she should follow her heart or do right by her family. Cristian blackmails Vanessa and Ceci is on the streets again.
13: One Month Later
Jun 18, 2013
The Bomb Squad performs on “Dance Five”! Jacob and Maya’s success with the taquería leaves them eager to explore one another. Jessie’s mom discovers her daughter’s secret.
14: Damn! Why Didn’t We Wait?
Jun 19, 2013
Jacob gets a big surprise. Jessie’s ailing mom asks Jacob to make her a promise he can’t break. Maya’s torn between family and love.
15: I Don’t Think I Can Do This
Jun 20, 2013
A wedding announcement at East Los High opens the doors to gossip, excitement and high drama. Maya meets up with a former “customer” and goes back to her old ways.
16: She Dumped You. Move On!
Jun 21, 2013
It’s senior prom time at East Los High! Jacob struggles to forget Maya while she pushes her limits as a stripper on and off the stage in Hollywood. Ceci settles into the reality of having a baby.
17: I Think She’s Dead
Jun 24, 2013
Jacob discovers where Maya’s working and can’t believe his eyes. He tries to bring her back to East LA but it might be too late for Maya. Jessie befriends Father Rodolfo, a handsome priest, who has a mysterious connection to her family’s past.
18: The Heart Always Knows
Jun 25, 2013
Too much drinking, drugging and stripping finally catch up with Maya. Ceci tries to let go of her baby daddy and Jessie is faced with a great loss.
19: She’s My Mother
Jun 26, 2013
A funeral in East LA brings with it much intrigue, an unexpected confession and a surprise visit from a sexy relative. Maya and Jacob meet again and Jessie asks Maya for a very big favor.
20: She Swallowed the Worm
Jun 27, 2013
Maya finally finds out who her father is. Ceci goes into labor at Jessie’s house and there is no help in sight.
21: In Blood or Money
Jun 28, 2013
Maya goes in search of her father while Jessie makes plans for her future. Vanessa feels the heat at the Dance Five finals and has to face a difficult truth.
22: Your Time Is Up
Jul 1, 2013
East Los High students get ready for a wedding they will never forget. Maya and Reina plan their next move but don’t realize their lives are in danger.
23: Good Girls Don’t
Jul 2, 2013
It’s the big wedding day and the bride and groom get ready to walk down the aisle. Meanwhile, Ramon is still on the hunt for Maya and closer than ever to getting his revenge.
24: Build a Future Worthy of You
Jul 3, 2013
In the final episode, Jessie needs to make a life-changing decision. Will there be a happy ending? Who will make it to graduation? Also, see where the East Los crew lands, one year later.
Season 2
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