Season 2
East Los High
12 EPISODES • 2014
All the sex, romance, and mystery continue when Ceci returns to East Los High to coach the Bomb Squad. She struggles to take the unruly dance team to the state championships while dealing with her own issues at home as a single mom in a relationship that becomes unexpectedly violent. The East Los High hallways are filled with a new cast of students risking it all for love, leading up to a scandalous turn of events that makes this another breathtaking and suspenseful school year.

Season 1


1: New Dance Coach in Da House
Jul 9, 2014
It’s a new school year and tensions are flaring at East Los High after a popular student goes missing. The Bomb Squad competes against its biggest rival while dance captain Camila and her sister Gina each deal with shocking revelations.
2: Best Friends With Benefits
Jul 9, 2014
Ceci returns to East Los High to coach the Bomb Squad, but the team’s bad behavior tempers her excitement. Camila’s budding love affair is complicated by the arrival of Nicolas, Jocelyn’s foster brother.
3: Meet Starfighter
Jul 9, 2014
As Homecoming night approaches, Camila must decide between two invitations. Fed up with the Bomb Squad’s bad attitude, Ceci finds a way to put the team in their place.
4: The Queen of Ugly and the King of Fools
Jul 9, 2014
Homecoming is here! Gina debates losing her virginity while Camila and Jocelyn are both presented with tempting situations. Ceci struggles with Pedro’s jealousy.
5: Lesbians Out Loud
Jul 9, 2014
Gina’s plans to give up her “V-card” go in an unexpected direction. Nicolas goes to great lengths to impress Camila. Ceci’s relationship with Pedro takes a dark turn.
6: Luchadoras!
Jul 9, 2014
Faced with a dilemma, Camila reverts back to old habits. Ceci puts the Bomb Squad through some rigorous training, just as they have to face an unexpected enemy.
7: Love Spells Are the Hardest
Jul 9, 2014
The Bomb Squad competes in an epic battle at the Highland Park competition. Pedro’s jealousy grows even more dangerous. Camila attempts to make things right with Jocelyn.
8: I Ain't No Victim
Jul 9, 2014
Camila and Nicolas party it up on the Vegas Strip. Jocelyn’s life is turned upside down when her secret goes public. Pedro realizes he needs to change his ways.
9: Beauty Queens Don't Wear Trash
Jul 9, 2014
Tiffany’s actions threaten to expose her affair. Ceci goes to new lengths to keep herself and her daughter safe. Camila joins Nicolas in the recording studio.
10: Just the Tip
Jul 9, 2014
Nicolas and Camila throw a blowout party at Remy’s loft. Things get hot and heavy for more than one East Los couple. Ceci plots a risky escape.
11: It Was an Accident
Jul 9, 2014
A sexting scandal takes East Los High by storm and Gina is caught in the middle. Another student’s disappearance causes Camila and Jocelyn to fear for the worst. Nicolas tries to quit his “internship” but may be in too deep.
12: The Monster's Back
Jul 9, 2014
Camila and Jocelyn continue the search for their friend. The Bomb Squad prepares to compete for regional championships without its best dancer.
Season 3
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