Season 3
East Los High
12 EPISODES • 2015
Camila finally confronts a dark secret from her past. But in trying to keep her sister Gina and boyfriend Nic from harm, she risks losing her own life and her one true love. Meanwhile, the stakes are higher than ever when Ceci invites boys to join the Bomb Squad and the sexy new team takes on some stiff competition.

Season 2


1: La Virgen de East Los High
Jul 15, 2015
The Bomb Squad dancers throw Ceci a wild bachelorette party. But will Ceci say, “I do”?
2: The Bitch is Back
Jul 15, 2015
An old frenemy threatens the Bomb Squad’s chances of winning Regionals. Maya has a big surprise for Jacob.
3: End of an Era
Jul 15, 2015
Tiffany throws a hot pool party while Jacob and Maya make some major plans.
4: Sisters Before Misters
Jul 15, 2015
The Bomb Squad is going co-ed. But where are the male dancers?
5: From Witch to Bitch
Jul 15, 2015
At a music video shoot, Camila goes on her first drug run. Will it also be her last?
6: Valentine's Day
Jul 15, 2015
It’s Valentine’s Day and the future of the Bomb Squad is at stake.
7: Scar Wars
Jul 15, 2015
When a drug deal goes bad, Camila and Jesus are forced to improvise.
8: I’m Not Eating Mexican
Jul 15, 2015
The male dancers are arrested on their way to their first music video shoot.
9: Road Trip!
Jul 15, 2015
An unexpected romance is born on the road to Yuma. But will it die there?
10: Mexifornia
Jul 15, 2015
A big secret is exposed at a national dance competition. Will the Bomb Squad be banned from performing?
11: Playing With My Balls
Jul 15, 2015
A life is in danger when someone from the past comes knocking. And he’s out for revenge.
12: Dance Battle
Jul 15, 2015
Dance Battle is on and much is at stake when someone leaves, someone returns, someone is betrayed… and someone dies.
Season 4
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